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Advanced Wellness Lab’s state of the art facility has been engineered and designed to maximize production output efficiencies while maintaining the highest level of quality control.

What we do

At Advanced Wellness Labs, our complete contract manufacturing services can take your product from concept to packaging. Our experienced support staff is dedicated to making your brand a success.

Concept Development

If you have an idea or project that you would like to develop and take to the marketplace, Advanced Wellness Labs, has full time chemists on staff to help you with your product development needs.


At Advanced Wellness Labs, we tackle each new project with scientific expertise and a creative approach, challenging ourselves to offer the industry’s most innovative solutions to achieve the desired product performance specifications. Our chemists work closely with clients to create the right processes from the simplest single ingredient products to the most complex formulations.


Advanced Wellness Labs commitment to quality manufacturing includes our investment in state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment. Our facilities specialize in the manufacturing of capsules, tablets and powders with customized solutions to meet each individual product need. Our innovation doesn’t stop with the technologies we apply to customers’ products. Due to the creative thinking that prevails at Advanced Wellness Labs, we introduce innovative equipment or novel ways of applying our existing machines to find the optimal product solution. Advanced Wellness Labs collaborative philosophy in contract manufacturing is supported by efficient manufacturing processes, equipment, industry expertise, focus on quality and a commitment to the success of our customers’ product.


Advanced Wellness Labs also provides complete packaging solutions for capsules, tablets and powders using various bottle and cap sizes. We can help you with lot validation and tracking, along with the application of expiration dates and security seals.

Quality Control

Advanced Wellness Labs takes a great deal of pride in the quality of products we produce. After these formulas are tested for manufacturing feasibility they are guided through our manufacturing process by our quality control personnel. Every step in the process is documented, including individually weighing tablets and capsules every 15 minutes during production to ensure quality weights for accurate formulas. Extensive care and sampling is utilized when weighing raw materials for the mixing process. Advanced Wellness Labs also retains samples throughout the process. Advanced Wellness Labs is committed to providing the highest quality vitamins, minerals and nutritional supplements, all manufactured to the highest GMP standards.

Private Labeling

Advanced Wellness Labs is a pioneer in the manufacturing of private label, custom manufactured dietary supplements and nutraceuticals. We unconditionally guarantee the potency, purity and quality of our products.

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Mission Statement

Advanced Wellness Labs is dedicated to producing the highest quality nutritional products and is committed to manufacturing supplements that are unconditionally guaranteed in potency, purity and quality.

By providing high quality products, Advanced Wellness Labs is strongly positioned to be your ongoing partner and industry resource. This commitment underscores our dedication to our customers. We invite you to talk with us and discover the experience our customers have come to trust.

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