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About Us

Advanced Wellness Labs specializes in contract manufacturing of nutraceutical products. Our company operates with a commitment to provide the highest quality vitamins, minerals and nutritional supplements in the industry at competitive prices.

High Quality Contract Manufacturing at Reasonable Cost

Advanced Wellness Labs is committed to providing quality products at a reasonable cost. We offer a full and complete range of products, all of which are available for your private label. Through our long standing relationships with high quality raw material suppliers around the world, we are able to purchase exceptional ingredients and extend quality and cost benefits to our clients. And since we do all our own manufacturing, you can be certain that rigorous quality control standards have been applied and met by every product you receive from us.

Our facilities are equipped with state-of-the-art machinery geared to streamline production. Our facility fulfills the special production requirements you may have for capsules, tablets or powders.

Companies from around the globe trust Advanced Wellness Labs as their nutritional supplement manufacturer because…

  • We can meet tight deadlines
  • Reduce unit costs
  • Locate hard-to-find raw materials
  • Custom blend and manufacture the highest quality nutraceuticals
  • Adhere to the most rigorous GMP quality standards

With your name on the product

you also want the package to look its best. We can maintain a full supply of your labels in-house, and respond immediately to your order. At Advanced Wellness Labs, we know that quick delivery of your products is a must if you are able to continue to meet your customer’s demands.

You want to offer your customers the most up to date nutritional supplements available. For this reason, our technical staff continuously monitors the industry, and develops new products for regular release for your line. These new product releases come fully supported with technical materials in order to support you in your sales effort.

Because it’s your name on the product you must have confidence in the company that manufacture’s it. Companies from around the globe trust Advanced Wellness Labs.

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Mission Statement

Advanced Wellness Labs is dedicated to producing the highest quality nutritional products and is committed to manufacturing supplements that are unconditionally guaranteed in potency, purity and quality.

By providing high quality products, Advanced Wellness Labs is strongly positioned to be your ongoing partner and industry resource. This commitment underscores our dedication to our customers. We invite you to talk with us and discover the experience our customers have come to trust.

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